GM Continued To Sell Faulty Camaro Keys For Five Years After The Recall


Back in 2014, GM issued a recall for 2.6 million vehicles for faulty ignition switches that could allow keys to fall out while driving. Reportedly, 511,528 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaros were affected by the recall. As with any other recall, owners were told to visit a dealer to have their faulty key exchanged for a new key and fob. However, in September, GM issued another recall—for the same switchblade key from five years ago.

It’s not often a manufacturer issues a second recall for the same problem when nothing has changed with the issue. In this case, GM recalled the hundreds of thousands of affected fobs and stopped issuing the key with new vehicle purchases. It did not, however, stop selling the recalled key in its part catalog.

This detail somehow slipped by GM management for the last five years until an employee noticed the issue and notified the automaker. GM then opened an investigation and found that the recalled keys were still being inadvertently sold. Since the recall in 2014, there have been an identified 10,758 Camaro owners that may have a faulty key.

GM immediately issued a stop delivery order to dealers who still had the faulty keys and informed the NHTSA of the impending recall.

Owners still in possession of the affected fobs can reach out to Chevrolet’s customer service directly for help. If you aren’t sure if your vehicle was serviced under the original recall can enter the vehicle’s VIN on the NHTSA website.

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