Ford’s Investing $1.2 Billion Into Michigan Factories

Ford has announced that it plans to invest a whopping $1.2 billion into the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Michigan Assembly Plant, and Romeo Engine Plant. The Drive reports that the majority will go to the Michigan Assembly Plant where the new Bronco and Ranger will be produced. About $150 million will go towards the Romeo Engine Plant where the engines for those two models will be built. And last but not least, a new data center will be built at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in an effort to get ahead in the automotive technology game.

This announcement was made on top of Ford’s decision to invest $700 million into the Flat Rock plant for a separate project back in January. That investment is to help with the production of electric vehicles and their autonomous development. They've had announcemements recently about their progress and initiative to move forward and be a leading brand when in comes to autnomous vehicles. A department dedicated to both electric and autonomous vehicles will help them succeed with that. And while the numbers and plans are new, the general investment has been in the works since 2015 when Ford promised $9 billion in U.S. plants and over 8,000 American jobs by 2019. Do you think Ford is on the right track?

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