Ford Restores Mustang For Man Who Sold It To Pay For Wife’s Cancer Treatment 17 Years Ago

Talk about a feel-good story. Wesley Ryan’s children gave him a car last year. But not just any car. It was the 1993 Ford Mustang GT he’d sold 17 years ago in order to help pay for his wife Laura’s cancer treatment. Laura battled the ovarian cancer and thankfully survived.

Photos Courtesy Of Ford

When Ryan’s son Jake saw the car posted for sale, he knew they had to get it back somehow. So Jake, his sister, and her boyfriend came together and chipped in to buy it. They filmed the moment they surprised their father and posted it to social media.

After the video was posted, it went viral and made national news before eventually catching the attention of Ford Executive Chairman, Bill Ford. Ford was so moved by the video and story that he decided to help restore the car.

Henry Ford III handed Wesley the keys in Dearborn, MI

After reading the Ryan’s story, Hennessey Performance owner, John Hennessey, picked up the car and brought it back to the shop in Texas where he and his team got to work. The shop totally stripped out the car before repairing and repainting. Then they swapped in a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 crate engine that puts out around 500 horsepower and a new 6-speed manual transmission.

It’s definitely a story with a happy ending and we’re glad this gearhead and his family are able to enjoy the car they love and have it back in their garage again!

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