‘Flying Cars’ Now Legal On New Hampshire Roads


The new “Jetson Law” makes provisions in New Hampshire’s motor vehicle rules for roadable aircraft, which are designed with retractable wings and rotors so they can be driven like a car.

The law allows “flying cars” on public roads, but they won’t be using them as runways, except in emergencies. Vehicles included in this category are the Terrafugia Transition, Samson Swtichblade, and PAL-V which are currently in development and available for reservations.

The thought behind the law is that flying is a more convenient form of transportation since an owner could keep the vehicle at home and drive it to the airport, rather than needing both a car and airplane.

The law requires the FAA-registered vehicles to have license plates, but not all of the safety equipment required of passenger cars. A committee is also being established to study on-road use.

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