Florida Man Drives C8 Corvette Through Heavily-Flooded Streets

Parts of Florida have received massive amounts of flooding after torrential rainstorms left cities nearly underwater. Transportation is next to impossible, but you know somebody somewhere will be making the attempt.

What took most people by surprise was a viral video of a Florida resident driving a black C8 Corvette Coupe through a residential street so flooded that it literally looked like a string ray moving through the water. Even onlookers where left both confused and impressed as the driver was able to cut through the water thanks to the Corvette’s naturally-aspirated 6.2L LT2 V8 engine .

It is unlikely that a sports car with a front-mounted engine would not be able to copy this driver’s attempt. If anything, the only vehicles able to make it through the deep waters would be heavy-duty trucks, emergency vehicles, lifted trucks, and water crafts.

Even though the Corvette’s engine-mounted midship allowed the nose to glide through the water without flooding the engine, these kinds of maneuvers are strongly not recommended. After all, there are still electrical components and heat exchangers that could be damaged by the deep water.

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