Driver Who “Didn’t Want His Car to Burn” Was Fined $430 For Throwing Lit Cigarette Out Window

In the wake of recent devastating wildfires, it’s no surprise that law enforcement is cracking down on potential burn hazards. A driver in Saanich, British Columbia was fined for tossing a lit cigarette out of his car because he “didn’t want his car to burn”.

The Drive reports that Victoria Police Chief, Del Manak, witnessed a driver throw a used cigarette out in front of his patrol car before he handed out the fine of $575 CAD (or around $430 USD) for “dropping, releasing, or mishandling a burning substance” which is a violation of the Wildfire Act.

When the driver responded saying he didn’t want to burn his cup holder, Manak responded and said: “Then don’t smoke in your car.”

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