Driver Avoids Accident Possibly Thanks To Smash Mouth Lyrics

Okay, obviously All Star by Smash Mouth belting from the radio had nothing to do with this scenario but the timing is pretty ironic. The driver of the car with the dash cam is driving down the road jamming to the iconic ’90s song. When they get to the stop light though, is when it gets good. At around 0:15 in the video the lyrics are “I need to get myself away from this place” and the driver then puts it in reverse and backs up several feet. Then just moments later, a car comes screaming around a corner and t-bones a white Mazda that is making a left turn. The Mazda plows right into the panel van to the driver’s left and would’ve definitely at least hit their front bumper had they not “got themselves away from that place”.

There are all sorts of logical reasons the driver backed up, obviously. Whether he decided he needed to turn left and was going to change lanes when the light turned, or just wanted to get a better visual of the intersection without that van blocking, he dodged a bullet. And thanking Smash Mouth for the save is a way better story.

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