Driver At Road America Wrecks Vintage Race Car And Walks Away

This driver was lucky to walk away at the WeatherTech International Challenge vintage races at Road America after a crash that flipped his vintage race.

The driver was Jim Pace who was behind the wheel of his 1974 Can-Am Shadow DN4 during a qualifying lap. He was driving alongside another Shadow with reports saying at a speed of 180 mph.

While watching the crash is insane, the even crazier part is that Pace not only sustained minor injuries but actually got out of his car unassisted and walked away. Pace commented on the crash saying:

“Thank you all for the concern,” Pace said via email. “A wild ride along the front straightaway at one of my favorite racetracks. A bit of air got under the nose and lifted, then blew over backward sliding down the straight. The rescue crew was there immediately and I exited on my own. Sorry, this nice car was damaged with me as the driver.”

Unfortunately, the crashed Shadow is reportedly a complete loss.

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