Detroit Muscle Salutes The 1977 Trans Am From Smokey And The Bandit

It’s time to take it back to the good old days. We are taking it back to the days of Smokey and the Bandit with none other than the man himself – Burt Reynolds. Of course, another huge star of the show was the 1977 Firebird Trans Am Special Edition.

Out of the factory, it came equipped with a 400 cubic-inch 6.6L V8 that generated about 200 horsepower and was capable of nabbing the quarter-mile time in 16 seconds. The Burt Reynolds edition built by Year One was given quite a few upgrades. One of the biggest upgrades was that it was stuffed with an LS7 Powerplant boasting a healthy 605 horses. Other modifications include modified heads, upgraded cam, a full tubular subframe, coilovers, and adjustable four-link suspension. It features the T-Top, the LED tails, and the modern sealed headlights. Also, you can’t forget the mesh grille.

Check out the video below with our salute to the Trans Am and, of course, to Burt Reynolds.

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