DeLorean Driver Gets Speeding Ticket For Going 88 MPH

Now this is funny!

If you haven’t seen Back To The Future yet…well it came out in 1985 so hopefully you’ve seen it. In the movie, the DeLorean “time machine” has to hit 88MPH in order to go into the future (or past.) Spencer White, the owner of this DeLorean, decided to go for a drive one day with his mom. As he was driving on the freeway, Spencer was going 85 MPH! Thinking it would be funny, his mom suggested to go ahead and go 88MPH (you know, just in case it actually would go into the future!)

Spencer says he was going 88 MPH for about 2 seconds before noticing a police officer behind him pulling him over. The officer then told him that he clocked his speed at 88 MPH in which everyone started laughing! Spencer probably actually wishes he went into the future because although the officer thought it was funny, he still had to give him a ticket! The ticket ended up being around $400 also so yeah not fun!

This story is surely to make some Back To The Future fans proud! What do you think about this? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!