Dad Turns Son’s Bunkbed Into Garage Lift With Corvette Z06

Photos Courtesy Ali Zafar

Sometimes, dads are the best. What little boy doesn’t dream of a bedroom like this? Ali Zafar made his son’s dream comes true when he asked for a lift/bunkbed complete with a Corvette Z06.

Ali wanted a racecar bed himself as a kid so when the chance arose for him to make it happen for his son, he jumped at it.

Photos Courtesy Ali Zafar

The room started out with a Chevrolet Corvette bed on the ground. But as Ali’s son got older, things progressed. When he decided he wanted bunkbeds Ali thought, why not lift the car? In true gearhead form, Ali decided the lifted bed would look exactly like a real car lift. So he took his kids to his local Home Depot, got the materials they’d need, and headed home to get started.

Photos Courtesy Ali Zafar

The bed setup turned out great. After a can of paint, some decals, and vinyl diamond plates the bed was finished. Naturally, his son was over the moon with the “build” as anyone would expect. After it got a lot of attention online, Ali and his wife are looking to see what they can do to help other small gearheads live out their dreams!

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