Classic Car Collecting Couple Killed By Fumes While Storing Car For Winter

Photo Courtesy of SWNS

A terrible story to hear out of the UK for gearheads anywhere. A classic car-collecting couple passed away after inhaling exhaust fumes as they were putting a vehicle into a protective plastic storage bubble for the winter, according to FoxNews.

William Reid was backing his Mercedes-Benz convertible into winter storage in his garage back in October 2017 when he passed out behind the wheel. His partner, Kathryn Workman went into the storage trying to get Reid out but had to stop due to being affected by the carbon monoxide gas. She called emergency services and was told to go help after confusion about the situation. So she went back inside the bag and was also knocked unconscious.

Paramedics arrived at the scene later but had to vent the area before they could go inside. They were able to pull Workman out, still breathing, but couldn’t immediately reach Reid, who was declared dead in the garage by carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s reported now that Workman suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene and died days later from a brain injury caused by the gas. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of this car-loving couple.

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