Camaro Drives Crazy, Brake Checks A lot, Then Crashes Up A Telephone Pole

Some people just have a bad attitude behind the wheel, not sure why but it ends up causing some pretty crazy accidents and situations. You see lots of videos of people brake checking other people for no reason and just overall having a sense of road rage that’s just shocking. Whatever the case may be in this situation, one thing is for certain is that the driver of the Camaro is driving pretty wild.

It starts off with the Camaro driving way too fast and then as the car with the dash cam drives up behind the Camaro driver, the Camaro brake checks not 1 or 2 but 3 times! Not sure what the guys problem was. It seems like the car with the dash cam just kept on driving about his business and then finally gets to a street light with the Camaro in front. As the Camaro turns around the corner WAY too fast, the driver literally drives his car UP a telephone pole! That’s not only embarrassing but the Camaro driver could’ve easily crashed into someone else. What do you think about this video? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!

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