Cadillac Salesman Tries To Show Off New CTS-V But Crashes!

Anytime you go to buy a new car, a sales person tries their very best to get you to buy something! They go through a list of all of the different features and specifications to try to really make the car seem as appealing as possible so they can sell it to you. Why not? It’s their job of course! Well, in some cases when sales representatives go for a test drive, things can get wild.

Obviously they’e not supposed to break any traffic laws by speeding but in this case, the salesman was clearly trying to demonstrate the power and acceleration of this Cadillac CTS-V. The video goes on for a while of the salesman driving the car while talking to a customer in the backseat. Eventually the salesman decides to just floor it and accelerates as fast as possible! Looks fun right? WRONG! As they come around a corner, a trolley is RIGHT THERE and the Cadillac clips the side of it! This is terrible and could’ve resulted in a way worse crash than it actually turned out to be! We’re guessing this didn’t result in a sale that day..

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