Honda Sea R V: Woman Accidentally Sends Honda CR-V Underwater While Reversing on Boat Ramp

Honda CR-V half-submerged during mishap on boat ramp

The Honda CR-V is a fairly affordable and durable multi-purpose SUV. Unfortunately for one woman in Tampa, Florida, it doesn’t function well as a watercraft.

Honda CR-V to Honda See Ya Later

The viral video shows the woman reversing the Honda CR-V onto a boat ramp in an attempt to load a jetski onto a trailer. But after failing to activate the SUV’s parking brake, the vehicle was left in “Reverse” and proceeded to back up into the ocean.

Things only got worse from there. Because the driver’s side door was left open, water was able to rush into the interior of the vehicle, submersing it within seconds. The water even managed to activate the CR-V’s windshield wipers, as if it were saying “goodbye” before sinking below the water’s surface.

@jamiekeaney No way, crazy 💀 #funnycarvideos #fails #carcrash #fyp #foryoupage #jamiekeaney ♬ Way down We Go – KALEO

The video ended with a still image of the Honda CR-V completely underwater with its driver’s side door and tailgate opened. Following this incident, the SUV was presumably retrieved by towing professionals.

However, with the internet being the internet, users were both clever and ruthless with their commentary over this entire ordeal:

  • “♫ Darling it’s better, where it is wetter, Honda de sea. ♫”
  • “♫ This car’s in motion, down in the ocean, blinkers still blinking, even while sinking, Honda de sea. ♫”
  • “She’s going to need so much rice for that kind of damage.”
  • “She gave up before the wiper blades did.”
  • “That Honda seems to be moving on its own Accord.”

While this incident is both funny and unfortunate, it isn’t nearly as bad as the time some tourists in Hawaii purposefully drive their vehicle into a harbor because their GPS told them to.

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