Bus Driver Is Determined To Get Kids To School


Sometimes, a snow day is actually necessary. Even up North. People in Minnesota, where this video was filmed, are accustomed to navigating snow and ice. However, even Minnesotans were caught off guard earlier by sheets of ice covering roadways. And that doesn’t happen too often. At least not enough to be newsworthy!

But this driver tried their best with the circumstances they were given. Apparently, a snow day was not called for this county given the school bus losing traction, sliding slowly down the street.

And once it starts, a sliding vehicle (especially as large a school bus) is hard to stop. This whole scenario looks like it’s in slow motion. Thankfully, the bus didn’t hit anything and there have been no reports of injuries or other damage as a result of the incident.

Meteorologist Gene Norman says that the weather events that caused the icy road conditions are “slightly unusual” which makes sense why these normally “prepared for winter weather” drivers were having issues. The cause of the ice was the falling precipitation melting in a shallow layer above the ground and refreezing when it hit the ground.

At least these kids, although still having to go to school, had a wild ride in!

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