Boy Gets Run Over While Tying Shoes, Gets Back Up And Keeps Playing Soccer

One of the most cringe-worthy videos we’ve ever seen. It goes from horrific to almost humorous in a matter of seconds. The whole thing was caught on a surveillance camera. One of the boys playing soccer in the streets in India crouched down to tie his shoes. While he was bent down, he’s shockingly run over by a small van when the driver which apparently didn’t see him. The boy disappears while he’s completely under the vehicle before we see him after the van passes, in the fetal position. Which apparantely worked very well for him since he hopped right up and got back to his game.

The question almost as pressing as why the van 1) ran the child over in the first place and 2) didn’t get out to see if he was ok is that nobody else on the scene seemed to notice or care that it happened either!?