Bizarre Road Rage Incident That Seriously Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Road rage is a consistent problem in todays society with more and more of these types of videos popping up online. It seems like a lot of people have bad tempers out on the road in traffic and quite often you hear about people engaging in violent road rage behavior. However sometimes in road rage situations, the result doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Take this one for example.

In this situation, there’s a guy in a car in traffic and he seems pretty angry. Like not just a little bit angry, but SUPER angry to the point where nothing makes sense anymore. The driver decides to literally ram the car directly in front of him to the point of almost blowing his engine! The driver is also seen turning his steering wheel from left to right while ramming the car in front of it, which doesn’t really make any sense. Then the driver decides to back up and continue to ram cars in front of him! Why!?! The crowd standing near this incident are looking in awe and shock as the driver continues to ram the cars in front of him. Whatever is going on here, it looks crazy!