Barn Find Tucker + Dyno = Greatness

We’ve seen barn find videos, and we’ve seen dyno videos but have not come across a dyno with a barn find ON IT. Let alone a Tucker! Thankfully Facebook page, Preston Tucker LLC, filmed the whole experience at IDA Automotive so the rest of us can watch.

According to the description the Tucker #1044 put down 94 HP and 221 ft lb’s of torque @ 2,700 RPM’s.

Some background for those of you who aren’t familiar with how rare this is. Preston Tucker built only 51 examples of his innovative rear-engined car. And as of today, there are only 47 known that survived. So this may very well be the first time ever people have the chance to watch it run on a dyno and see what kind of power the 5.5-liter water-cooled flat-six puts out.

This particular Tucker was recently found and bought out of a barn in Ohio. What’s even more awesome is that it was discovered in incredibly good condition. To top it off, the odometer reads just under 8,000 miles. Great find and even better video!

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