Bad Idea Leads To Terrible Golf Cart Fail!

It seems like anytime there are golf carts around a lot of people, something like this always happens. The point of this stunt is unclear to begin with. First you have 2 guys standing on the back of this golf cart and then the driver begins to drive backwards full speed. Why? Who knows but it definitely ends up in a pretty terrible crash!

What’s weird is that you see a lot of people gathering around to see this stunt that ended up not making any sense. You see 2 guys on the back of this golf cart with 2 other people in the actual golf cart. The guy in the red shirt looks back before the driver takes off, like he’s scoping out the road to get ready for this unexplainable stunt. Well as the driver takes off, the golf cart literally FLIPS over upside down! The 2 guys riding on the back somehow got free but the 2 people in the golf cart got crushed by the golf cart! What a fail! That probably hurt!

Golf carts, like ATV’s, can weigh quite a bit and should always be driven with caution. Doing ridiculous stunts can cause a terrible accident. What do you think about this fail?