Auto Braking System Fail!

Technology is advancing so fast. Everywhere you look, a new gadget is making headlines or you hear about autonomous car this, autonomous car that. Although technology is great and helps us advance as a civilization, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with errors. With autonomous cars and automated braking systems, it will definitely take some time to get the technology perfect. People need to remember that computer systems fail sometimes, especially in early stages of development. It’s still pretty scary though to know that the sensors in an autonomous car may not always work and it may crash! That’s probably why some of the technology isn’t fully available yet, because..well it doesn’t work flawlessly.

Take this video for example. During a presentation of an automated braking system on a Volvo, something terrible happens! The video starts off with a Volvo about to drive towards some spectators. The car is “supposed” to stop before hitting the people standing but as you can see, unfortunately it didn’t stop. This definitely was a major fail and just goes to show you that some of this autonomous/automated technology doesn’t always work and it will be a while for the bugs to be worked out!