Another Crash For John Force

Talk about a rough start to the 2018 NHRA season.

Just two weekends after the 16-time Funny Car champion crashed during Winternationals in Pomona, Calif., and then watched as his daughter Brittany wreck at the same event, 68-year-old Force wrecked with Jonnie Lindberg at the Arizona Nationals over the weekend.

After crossing the finish line, Force blew his engine which then ripped the body off his car and caused it to veer into Lindberg’s lane. The cars crashed and the parachutes tangled as they raced down the drag strip. Force wasn’t the only one to walk away with damage, Lindberg’s car also lost its body. However, Lindberg was in better shape physically than Force

Luckily, for the second time this month, Force was conscious and communicating with safety personnel as they helped him out of his car and transported him to the hospital.It’s unclear what the extent of Force’s injuries but an early report from the NHRA said they aren’t serious and he was released from the hospital on Sunday night. Always good news to hear.

Hopefully, this will be it as far as crashes go for any of the Force family and they can get back to racing.