Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Concrete!

When normal people have disagreements, they talk it out because that’s how responsible people handle conflict right? Well, not this guy! Somewhere in Russia, an angry husband decided to do something a bit drastic to his wife’s car over a disagreement they had.

It appears he found her car on the street in front of a supermarket and got a concrete truck to park right beside it. It looks to be the driver of the truck who then gets out to help position the concrete slide to go directly through the window of the wife’s car. The concrete is then released, only to fill the car up like a swimming pool.

What’s crazier is that after the husband is done filling the car up with concrete, he locks the car and walks away like nothing even happened. Apparently the car is in such bad condition, that it’s still sitting there in front of the supermarket. What a wild situation! The car will probably forever be a concrete block all because someone couldn’t talk out their problems and decided to be crazy instead. What do you think of this? Do you think the car is ruined? Let us know in the comments!