Ford’s Storage Lot is Filled with Enough Unfinished Cars to be Seen from Space

It’s no secret that the automakers, and nearly every other company specializing in manufacturing machines of any kind, have been greatly affected by parts shortages. Even some industry giants like Honda and Toyota have had difficulties delivering vehicles with all of their components intact.

Ford has not been exempt either, announcing that they will be putting 45,000 vehicles in their storage lot for this quarter to await vital parts… namely microchips.

All of these vehicles have been placed on hold in the Kentucky Speedway’s many lots before being sent off to dealers. Back in 2021, Ford had managed to deliver the stockpile it had built up at the time. But in 2022, the number of unfinished cars stationed in the lots has hemorrhaged to a greater degree.

As seen in the photos above, Ford’s storage lots at the Kentucky Speedway have dramatically increased in recent months to the point where they can actually be viewed from space. It has become a visual metaphor for all automakers where demand for new vehicles is significantly higher than the rate of production.

Ford announced in a press release that supplier costs affected by inflation had been projected $1 billion more than expected. So it’s fair to assume that in order to keep the gears turning in the industry, prospective consumers may not be seeing the cost of a new vehicle’s MSRP go down anytime soon.

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