An Insane 48 Cylinder Kawasaki!

One of the coolest things about the automotive world is that whether it’s cars, trucks, or motorcycles if you have a vision in mind and enough knowledge, with a little bit of money to back it up you can accomplish almost any project.

To prove that point, check out a build known as “Tinker Toy”. This would seem pretty off-the-wall to a lot of people, but for the guy who envisioned a forty-eight cylinder motorcycle in their head, this is completely realistic and normal.

Is it different than anything we’ve seen before? Absolutely! But when you think something like this up, that’s exactly what you’re going for…you want it to be noticed. Watch as you see this beast fire up for the first time in five years and you’ll learn exactly why the bike draws the crowd and attention it does.

In the video it gives you the rundown of exactly how all these cylinders come together to work. Because if you watch closely this thing really seems like a complex piece of machinery that would take some long hours to figure out. After seeing how all of the moving parts function you have to admit it’s nothing short than a work of art.

Once they’re done showing off the bike, you get to hear every last cylinder fired up at the same time! It’s safe to say that you’ll never hear another machine that sounds quite like this.