An Electric Multi-Copter With 18 Rotors

A German engineering firm named E-Volo has debuted their latest creation in the aeronautics industry. They named it the 2X. The company has been working on electric-powered “mulit-copter” for a while but this is the first actual production model.

The 2X is made of a carbon fiber body and 18 rotors. Yup, 18. However, the 2X can only fly 17 miles at a time at a top speed of 43 miles per hour. If you’re not worried about time or distance though, you can slam on the gas and reach 62 miles per hour. According to MotorAuthority, the multi-copter can be used both by remote control and autonomous flying. But the driver can use the joystick and screen if they want to fly the old-school way.

The firm says it plans to begin taxi pilot programs in 2018 and also claims NASA expressed interest in the 2X to alleviate traffic congestion in Silicon Valley. Do you think we’ll be seeing this anytime soon?