Acura RDX Owners File Lawsuit Due To Their Rear Windows Spontaneously Shattering

There are many mysteries that have gone unanswered for decades. Is Bigfoot real? Is there life on Mars? Do shadow organizations manipulate the players on the world’s stage? We can start adding a new mystery to the list, which is why does the rear window of the Acura RDX randomly shatter?

Apparently, this has been an issue that has been plaguing American Acura RDX owners since 2020 in which the vehicle’s tailgate window would spontaneously break into cracks without any clues. Now, many plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit are seeking compensation for anyone that has purchased a 2019-2023 Acrua RDX who has experienced a flawed rear window.

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What Causes The Rear Window The Acura RDX to Shatter?

In the lawsuit filed by Tycko & Zavareei LLP, the plaintiffs claim that a faulty electrical defroster unit is the main reason why the rear window of the vehicle suddenly cracks without warning. According to their claims, the glass can shatter regardless of whether the RDX is on or off, driving, or stationary.

As seen in a video shared by YouTuber Jon Onyx, the rear window’s glass suddenly breaks for what appears to be no reason. At first, one would assume that it could have been to a thrown rock, or a falling acorn hitting a weak spot. But upon further inspection, neither is the case, leaving him with a faulty tailgate window covered in cracks.

As you can see by Jon’s reaction, his was very much similar to other Acura RDX owners, which is filled with concern and confusion. Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit confess to hearing sounds similar to a sudden auto collision or a fired gun. Both would easily send a shock down drivers’ spines, which could also potentially lead to future incidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has experienced complaints from other Acura RDX owners since 2020. One complaint described the incident as “the rear windshield glass is shattered or broken with no external impact.” While this is a simple repair that can be made under one’s insurance, it is still an inconvenience one shouldn’t have to expect with the purchase of a fairly new vehicle.

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