Watch As A Ute Does A Burnout While Being Towed By A Ute!

Australian car culture is, well, a little different than what we do here in the US.

On one hand, there’s a pretty big public opposition to reckless driving. For one example, the outcry over the Ford Focus RS’s Drift Mode. While on the other hand, there are people who drive 600-horsepower mini trucks. So again, a little different…but not in a bad way. Even with strong “anti-hooning” laws – which are actually real- Australian enthusiasts still manage to find new, inventive ways to screw around with their cars. And some of them are pretty awesome.

This video above of a ute doing a burnout while being towed by another ute is a few years old now, but it just started to get attention on the internet car scene. These two Aussies take their Holden Utes to a higher level of burnout awesomeness. It’s almost an art form. This video is most likely the peak of mankind’s (or at least gearheads) achievement. It’s actually burnout heaven.

If there was anything we’d change though, it would be to make it a double burnout. Why not make the ute doing the towing do a burnout too? There’s no such thing as “too much” burning out.

But for the record, we’re not advising you try this at home. There’s lots that could go wrong in this situation.