A Guy Attempts To Steal A Cop Car…With An Officer In It

Some stories are so bizarre you’d think there’s no way it could be true but this definitely happened. On July 17th, around 5 am, in Fort Pierce Florida, officer Robie Troutman was sitting in his patrol car with the engine running writing up a report, according to The Drive. While in his vehicle, Troutman heard the rear passenger side door handle make some noise. Troutman quickly opened the door to find 20-year-old Aaron Orlando Rodriguez III running away.

Rodriguez was found hiding behind another car and when Troutman asked what he was doing, Rodriguez said he saw the vehicle running and attempted to steal it so he could have a ride home. The car Troutman was sitting in had “Fort Pierce Police Department Patrol vehicle” written on the side of it and was sitting directly in front of the Fort Pierce Police Station, so this was obviously a police car. Rodriguez was arrested and charged with attempted grand theft auto as well as numerous other charges.

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