A Dealer Is Selling The Twin Turbo Mustang GT With 1,200HP For $45K!

Last year, Lebanon Ford dealership in Ohio was selling 727 horsepower supercharged Mustangs for $40,000…no catch. Now they’re one-upping the deal and for only $45,500 the same dealership will sell you a twin turbo Mustang GT that has up to 1,200 rear-wheel horsepower. That’s some serious power.

It’s on the same power level as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport but for a price less than the new BMW 340i. It’s called the LFP Hellion and it’s only being offered in limited numbers. The insane upgrade comes in two package options. Package 1 comes with twin-turbos and a cat-back exhaust for $45,500. Package 2 comes with upgraded fuel injectors, half shafts and oil pump for $49,999. Package 2 can make 1,200 rear-wheel horsepower at 30 lbs. of boost. But even if you go with package 1 you get an extra 5 lbs. of boost making 435 horsepower at the crankshaft, Road and Track reported. That’s still a nice improvement. Lebanon Ford also plans to offer the twin-turbo kit to current Mustang GT owners. Mustang fans and owners out there…what do you think?