A 10-Ton Rally Truck Manages To Gracefully Jump Some Snow Banks

The Kamaz 4326 is sponsored by Red Bull and is arguably one of craziest racing vehicles on the planet. At least that we’ve seen. The 20,000-pound (or 10-ton) truck has a 1000-horsepower 16.2-liter turbo-diesel V8, 16 forward gears, and enough torque to tear down a building. So you would think moving quick, jumps and other stunts wouldn’t be its strong suit. But after winning the Dakar rally back in January, the Kamaz is back for some high-flying snow-filled action and it has a point to prove.

Thankfully, Red Bull released a promotional video of the Kamaz being driven by the 2013 Dakar Rally winner Eduard Nikolaev through a snow covered northwestern part of Russia. And this was only for some shakedown testing. For the 4326, that means a whole lot of airtime and a whole lot of fun for the driver.

The jumps are possible thanks to the truck’s 11.8 inches of suspension travel and huge spiked ice tires. It’s able to launch off snow jumps and drift around frozen corners with ease and the surprising amount of agility for weighing 10 tons.

And yeah, we know this video is basically an advertisement for Red Bull to sell more energy drinks, but it’s just too cool not to share. Now watch for yourself as the diesel-powered giant takes flight over the frozen landscape.