Fighting Spectators Nearly Taken Out by a WRC Rally Car Mid-Race

Fighting spectators on an active WRC track
Fighting spectators on an active WRC track

Sporting events are sometimes grounds for fighting spectators that have had a little too much to drink. They have a tendency of killing all the fun and enjoyment of the moment, and the drama can sometimes escalate by putting others in harm’s way.

Why Were There Fighting Spectators on the Track?

Such is the case for attending a rally car race. It’s all about the thrill and sound of a high-powered race car blasting right by you on a course arranged on everyday city streets. Unfortunately, some attendees at the World Rally Championship (WRC) race in Croatia decided that engaging in a fistfight on the active track was a good idea.

It is unknown whether the individuals involved were intoxicated, but data from a study shared by Croatia Week suggests that Croatians spend 3.5% of their annual income on alcohol, which is nearly double that of the E.U. average.

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WRC Rally Croatia 2023 – Insane Spectator FIGHT on Flat-out Jump
by u/NSNIA in rally

As seen in the video, race officials struggled to take control of the situation by separating the fighting spectators. But the stakes suddenly became a lot higher once one official began blowing her whistle, alerting the crowd that one of the race cars will be arriving at their location shortly. As soon as they were able to clear the road of the rowdy attendees, a Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 is seen flying through the area where they just were only seconds prior.

Other than a lack of common sense and alcohol tolerance, there is not much to take away from incidents like these. Fighting spectators at a sporting event is just simply not a good idea. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but in this case, you would be putting the lives of the race authorities and other spectators at risk as well. So if you’re agitated at a sporting event and you need to give someone a knuckle sandwich, perhaps it would be better for you to just sit down and treat yourself to an actual sandwich while you enjoy the festivities.

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