1927 Packard Discovered In Historic Philadelphia Building

Not a barn find, but a good find! A 1927 Packard was found sitting in a shutdown machine shop/factory since the 1970s and off the road since the 1950s.

The building was part of the campus for Golaski Laboratories, a company started by a textile manufacturer named Walter Golaski who’d transitioned his business to producing artificial Dacron arteries in the 1950s. Golaski died in 1996 but his son, Johnpaul, says he thinks his father bought the car in the 1940 and mostly used it for trips to visit his mom before its registration expired in 1956. After she moved, he left the car at her house until her death in the 1970s, when he put it in the factory.

Now, the property is being sold and the family wanted help relocating the car to a proper garage so they can attempt to get it road worthy again. YouTube channel IronTrap Garage documented the whole thing.

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