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Parts Used In This Episode

The B&M Hole Shot torque converter has a stall speed of 3200 rpm, right in the new powerband of the 350 crate engine. Before mounting it, fill it about 1 qt of transmission fluid.
Banks Power
Gale Banks Engineering PowerPack
Banks Power
Gale Banks Engineering Ram Air System
Chevrolet Performance
The wider and deeper 350 is going to be a tight fit in the stock engine bay. It will require headers, and for them to clear, a smaller, higher torque starter is required. Plus, it will resist the extra heat the headers will produce. Kevin bolts it in.
Whether your tires are old or new, Hot Tires gives you a way to add color, revive or personalize your muscle car, truck or sport compact car tires. You can touch-up faded white walls, tattoo your high performance tires to match your car or create a "stock" car look with yellow lettering. You can even stencil your sidewalls or color in your tires' grooves. It goes on smooth, dries fast and resists fading. The Hot Tires paint pen is easy to use, so go ahead and get creative with your tires today.
Matco Tools
The rear seal of the trans output shaft can be a major source of fluid leakage. They are inexpensive, so replace it while you have the chance now.