MuscleCar Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Modified turn ratio factory style gearbox.
Air-Ride Technologies
The AirBAR┬о eliminates the OEM leafsprings and replaces them with a 4 link rear suspension. The 4 link bars offer more precise positioning of the rear axle to eliminate flexing and increase stability. When combined with a ShockWave┬о or CoolRide┬Щ Front Suspension Kit, your ride can now enjoy the benefits of modern handling and ride quality technology!
Auto Body Color & Supply Co.
48 mm masking tape, 18mm masking tape, 3" 50 grit roloc discs, 2" roloc med cond disc, 3" surface cond., 3" Roloc med cond disc.
Auto Body Color & Supply Co.
Custom blended Vitamin "C" Orange paint.
Auto Body Color & Supply Co.
Guide coat.
Auto Body Color & Supply Co.
HOOK-IT 6" pads, compounding pads, foam pads, general purpose solvent, masking tape, masking paper, gloves and paint suits, seam sealer, polyurethane clear, catalysts.
Blast From the Past
Media blasting of complete chassis.
Currie Enterprises
Complete Dana 60 rearend with rear disc brakes.
Universal exhaust tubing kit.
Goodmark Industries
Quarter panels and miscellaneous sheet metal pieces.
Keisler Engineering, Inc.
Five speed overdrive transmission with bellhousing.
Laughlin Racing Products
Adjustable center link.
Red Top Speed Shop
Front K-member section.
528 Hemi/610 hp crate engine, This Hemi is rated at 610 hp and 650 ft./lbs. of torque. Includes distributor, plug wires, oil pan, water pump, harmonic balancer, and engine stand.