HorsePower Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Sanding Pad, Scotch-Brite, Nylon, Maroon, 9 in. Length, 6 in. Width, General Purpose, Box of 20
Comp Cams
Cam/Lifters/Valve train, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 268/268, Lift .456/.456, Ford, 240, 300
Comp Cams
Valve Springs, Single, 1.400 in. Outside Diameter, 293 lbs./in. Rate, 1.125 in. Coil Bind Height, Set of 12
VHT, Paint, High-Temperature, Engine, Enamel, Gloss, Ford Light Blue, 11 oz., Aerosol Spray Can, Each
Goodson Shop Supplies
Bearing Scraper
Goodson Shop Supplies
Electronic Scale-4100G
Goodson Shop Supplies
Fixture to remove or install interference fit piston pins
Goodson Shop Supplies
Gas-Fired Rod Heater - Propane,Ceramic lined, enclosed heating area, One knob control, Includes regulator and hose assembly
Goodson Shop Supplies
Piston Pin Installing Fixture, Adjustable stop prevents over-centering rods
Goodson Shop Supplies
Rod Balancing Stand
Goodson Shop Supplies
Sioux-Style Valve Seat Grinding Kit
Terminator EFI Engine Management System, Speed Density, 4 Barrel, Square Bore, 950 cfm, 250 hp to 600 hp, Kit
King Engine Bearings
Cam Bearings, Steel Backed Babbit, Set
Loctite Gasket Sealant, Aviation, 16 Oz.
Speedway Motors
Tru-Ram Big Block Chevy Exhaust Manifolds, Unpolished
Speedway Motors
Tru-Ram LS1 Exhaust Manifolds, Polished
Speedway Motors
Tru-Ram Small Block Chevy Exhaust Manifolds, Cast Iron
The Industrial Depot
Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware, and Shop Supplies
Trick Flow Specialties
Cylinder Head, GenX 255, Aluminum, Assembled, 69cc Chamber, 255 cc Intake, GM, 6.2,.7.0L, Each
United Engine and Machine Company/Icon Pistons
Piston, Cast, Flat, 4.060 in. Bore, 5/64 in., 5/64 in., 3/16 in. Ring Grooves, Ford, L6, Each
WD-40 300004 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray, 11 oz.