You Used To Be Able To Cut Your Lawn In ‘Luxury’

Ever mowing your lawn and get uncomfortable? Or think man, there’s got to be a better tractor out there. Well almost 80 years ago there was. Check out the 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX “Comfortractor”. It promised luxury car comfort in a farm tractor. For people with more land, maybe this makes sense. Although with the increased comfort it looks like the funtionality may lack a little. It’s still a relatively small tractor for someone riding it long enough to need that kind of comfort. So who was the market for this thing? The well-off who buy things just because they can? Hard to believe they’re cutting their own yards. But we have a hard time the average Joe could afford this, even if he did want it for his suburban-size lot.

Turns out this tractor managed to make it to production but then was a sales flop. Either way we think it looks pretty cool. Was it a good idea, just too soon? Take a look at the tractors out there on the market today. They have almost everything a car has to offer. What are your thoughts? Would you buy it if it was on the market today? Tag a friend who would love this!