Woman Jumps On Hood Of Her Car To Stop Carjacker At Gas Station!

This is super crazy! There have been numerous videos over the past few years showing people getting their stuff stolen out of their car while pumping gas at a gas station. A lot of thieves target people who are pumping gas because they aren’t paying much attention to their car at the time.

The surveillance video starts off with a lady pumping gas at a gas station. As she is pumping her gas, a Cadillac comes into view and parks really close to her car. Suddenly a guy gets out of the backseat of the Cadillac and runs to her car and gets in the drivers seat! The woman quickly realizes what just happened and she then decides she’s going to JUMP onto the hood of her car!

The guy driving her car then takes off but then stops a few times because she’s still hanging on to the hood of her car! Maybe the driver was hoping the woman would fall off the hood so he could drive away. After realizing the lady on the car wasn’t going anywhere, the guy freaks out and runs out of her car to then get back in the Cadillac and drives away!

What’s crazy is now the womans SUV is rolling away by itself and she has to jump off the hood and get back in her car to stop it! Fortunately the woman was not injured but she did however lose her purse, wallet and phone.