Will Ford Produce a Twin-Turbo 7.3L Godzilla?

An updated version of a potent V8 we all know and love might soon be climbing buildings and roaming the streets. Ok, it may not be climbing buildings like the real Godzilla, but it’ll have the power to if this rumor comes to fruition. It will, however, be roaming the streets and burning rubber in its wake. According to a recent report, Ford is testing a brand new version of its infamous Godzilla.

Despite some states looking to eventually ban the internal combustion engine, manufacturers like Dodge are moving full steam ahead and increasing production our favorite gas guzzlers. However, it sounds like Ford has finally taken notice of the competition. In what sounds like a name from a cheesy horror movie, sources from Ford Authority reported that Ford is testing a twin-turbo Godzilla motor in a pair of Super Duty’s. Now that’s uplifting news.

Since being introduced to the public, the Ford 7.3L Godzilla has been a hit for Super Duty owners. In fact, it was such a hit that the auto manufacturer offered the traditional pushrod as a crate motor. The engine is impressive both naturally aspirated and supercharged, so why not try another application, like, you know, twin-turbocharged? Ford heard us, and from our understanding, they’re doing just that.

Ford Authority mentions that they’re unsure if this monster will make it to production since the auto company won’t comment on future products, but the fact Ford is going as far as testing it in the real world should fill you with some hope about the future of this engine.

The naturally-aspirated version of the Godzilla – which is offered in the F-Series Super Duty – makes a stout 430 horsepower and 475-pound-feet of torque. Ford enthusiasts are admittedly happy with the possibility of the twin-turbocharged Godzilla because they know it would produce some mind-boggling horsepower figures.

It’s no secret that old-fashioned pushrods engines are loved by enthusiasts but one knock Godzilla may get is its displacement. However, despite its size, the dimensions are admittedly small, especially when compared to a “smaller” 5.0L Coyote V8. Even with its large displacement, it’s an enthusiast’s favorite to swap into many models of cars and trucks. If approved by Ford and it breaks out of the lab, it’ll be a welcomed addition under the hood for many vehicles across the country.

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