Which Hybrid Are You Better Off In When It Comes To Safety

So Tesla may be breaking speed records but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just performed a series of new crash tests that’ll leaves Tesla with other areas to improve. A few years ago the Tesla Model S was considered to be the safest car on sale in America but now that’s all changed. The IIHS now says that both the Toyota Prius Prime and the Chevy Volt are safer than both the Tesla Model S and BMW i3.

Some of the reasons for the lower safety score for the Model S include a problematic seat belt, which is something that Tesla has vowed to fix later this year and that the P100D is too heavy for its roof to handle, which is extremely dangerous in a rollover crash. The BMW i3 lost some points because its seats reportedly don't offer enough head support in the case of a rear collision. What do you think? Do you think Tesla has some major competition in the electric and hybrid market with Toyota and Chevy?

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