What The Color of Your Car Says About Your Personality

One of the best parts of having a project car is that you have the opportunity to express yourself into a truly unique, one-of-a-kind vehicle you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re out shopping for one, or you’re repainting, one of the first things bystanders will notice is your car’s color. Ranging from simple and neutral, to bright and vibrant, there is a massive spectrum out there to choose from.

But according to the multinational chemical company, BASF, your choice in color can be a lot more psychological than you may realize. “If you see yourself as a fast or sexy person, you might want a bright red color on your car,” says Paul Czornij, head of design at BASF’s Color Excellence Group. “Or if you want to exude power or sophistication, you might put out a black metallic on your car.”

So what does the color of your car say about you?

White, Black, and Gray

If your car is white, it suggests that you are dependable, hard-working, and self-reliant. You are adaptable and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Owners of black vehicles are typically viewed as someone who appreciates classic, slick designs, as well as sophistication, confidence, and strength.

Owners who favor shades of gray can be described as a mix of black and white. Mature and relaxed, but you also have taste.


Gray’s metallic cousin, Silver vehicles give off a sense of modern style and favors technology. Owners of silver cars are usually seen as exciting, positive, progressive, and fun-having techies.

Brown and Beige

Sure, brown and beige may not initially set off words like “exciting” and “fun.” However, people that lean toward this color palette could be described as “fiscally sound” and relatable. Looking like a zillion bucks is none of their concern. Instead, they’re more focused on reliability and comfort.


In all of its hues, blue vehicle owners give off characteristics of being relaxed, calm, and level-headed. Owners of lighter blue cars are sometimes seen to be more fun and upbeat. If you favor dark blue, that could mean you are more confident and secure.


Red vehicle owners love setting themselves apart from the crowd. If red is your color of choice, it usually means you have a fun, magnetic personality and you’re not afraid of being the center of attention. Often seen as a color of strength, owners of red vehicles tend to be more motivated and determined.

If the color of your car is not on this list, what do you think it says about your personality?

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