What It’s Like Behind The Wheel Of 3-Time Champion Antron Brown’s Top-Fuel Dragster

Matco Tools’ driver, Antron Brown, is no stranger to winning NHRA top-fuel races. He’s a 3-time champion and we get to talk to him about what it’s like being behind the wheel of an 11,000 horsepower dragster and why he loves driving for Matco.

When Gannon sits down with Antron, he asks him what the best part of driving for Matco is. Brown’s answer is pretty simple: he likes representing something he truly believes in. From the US Army to Pennzoil to Matco, Antron has always supported his brands but when it comes to Matco, that’s his wheelhouse. When the 1,800 distributors come together he says it’s a support system and family.

Brown started his racing career in the NHRA running pro-stock bikes from 1998 to 2007 when he just wanted to go fast. From there he switched gears and got behind the wheel of a top-fuel dragster with 11,000+ horsepower. He recalls the first time he was behind the wheel and what it felt like to have that kind of power. He calls it a “gut-checker” when you feel 6 Gs and the clutch comes one-to-one and you almost feel welded to the chassis. Talk about awesome! He says it’s almost as if you’re feeling it in slow motion because your mind can’t keep up with what’s happening. Eventually, though, your mind and muscle memory allow you to slow it down and that’s where you can comprehend what’s going on and hone your skill. So if you ever have an NHRA top-fuel event near you, Antron Brown invites you to come on out!

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