What Are The Benefits Of Individual Throttle Bodies?

What does individual throttle bodies mean you might ask? Well, in short, it means that atmospheric pressure air is closer to the cylinders, which results in improved throttle response.

Who wouldn't want an improved throttle response??

When the throttle bodies have tuned velocity stacks, they can designed to produce much more horsepower for a specific RPM range. Individual throttle bodies also have lower pumping losses at partial throttle versus single throttle body systems.

Most of the time manufacturers prioritize cost over performance, which is why ITB's (individual throttle bodies) aren't commonly seen in factory vehicles. ITB's are usually reserved for the highest performing vehicles such as the BMW M3, among many others. ITB's tend to be very expensive because of the precision and machining required. On average, they can cost 3-6x more than a single throttle body upgrade.

Besides high costs, there are a few other concerns and disadvantages when it comes to ITB's. When ITB's are run without a plenum, they may be more susceptible to dirt and dust and become too loud for street use. However, when properly installed and with the correct equipment, ITB's can add significant throttle response by freeing up power through improved airflow.

This is just one of the many intricate parts that you can use on a build.

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