Police Pull Over a Ford Crown Vic with a Gigantic Watusi Bull in the Passenger Seat

No, that isn’t a new Ford Taurus. What you are looking at is the same sight police in Norfolk, Nebraska saw when they received a call about somebody driving a Ford Crown Victoria with a gigantic bull in the passenger seat.

This Is Some Watusi Bull

It was learned that the bull being driven by its owner is an Anokla-Watusi bull, which is a rare breed of cattle from Africa known for its distinctly massive horns. Fully-grown adults are estimated to weigh 1,300 lbs on average. But there are some specimens that have been reported to stack in at 1,600 lbs. The Watusi bull involved in this specific case is named Howdy Doody, and appears to be indifferent about his current mode of transportation.

The 1992-1997 Crown Vic was modded to cater more to the comfort of its massively horned passenger, since it had half of its cabin removed, a gate for loading and unloading the steer, and a pair of decorative horns as a hood ornament that only pale in comparison to the majestic pair being worn by Howdy Doody in the passenger seat. However, the Watsui Bull added his own decorations to the car by leaving his actual doody over the rear side of the roof.

According to Norfolk police, an officer performed a traffic stop on the driver and cited certain violations involving the Crown Vic and its bovine passenger. The officer decided to leave the owner with a warning and insisted that he bring the Watusi bull back home before going out on the road again.

What About Howdy Doody?

However, this won’t be the last Nebraskans will see of Howdy Doody. A regular participant in parades all over the state, the Watusi bull is certainly expected to make more public appearances in the future. Just not in a modded Crown Vic. Maybe next time he’ll upgrade to a Lamborghini Islero, Espada, Jarama, Gallardo, or an Urus (because they’re inspired by bulls and bullfighting).

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