UMP DirtCar On The Track, DIY Paint Mod, 8×8 Beast, Ferrari Fun, And Fastest Police Vehicle

Today on PND…
• Check Out Engine Power’s UMP DirtCar On The Track
• A Guy Who Has His Own Version Of A DIY Paint Modification
• An 8×8 Amphibious Beast That’s Street Legal
• A Ferrari FF Owner Who Has Some Fun Off-Road
• The 2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Is The Fastest Cop Car Ever

Summit Racing Dirt Car
Engine Power’s awesome Summit Racing 50th Anniversary Tribute DIRTcar UMP Car is finished and went to the track! They went to St. Louis to attend the Modified Mania Event and celebrate Summit Racing Equipment’s 50th Anniversary where the car took the track and got auctioned off to a lucky winner! The car sold for $30,000 and all proceeds went to benefit Shriners Children’s Hospital. It was a great event and you can check out the full episode on Engine Power this Sunday at 9AM ET on Paramount Network.

Paint Job
We get it, sometimes you’re on a budget or don’t have time to take your car into a shop. But this video posted by NTD Television shows a guy who took his DIY modification to a new level. And it’s one we can’t say we recommend. Instead of shelling out for a paint job or even rattle-canning it, this guy takes a roller and what appears to be a bucket of house paint and just starts rolling it on there! What’s the most DIY car mod you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments.

Street Legal Amphibious Car
Most car guys daydream about different vehicles they’d love to own. But Ted Yadlowsky went out and actually bought his when he purchased the only privately-owned amphibious combat vehicle in the world. The GPV Colonel Truck was intended for military use but is now inactive. It’s an amphibious 8×8 and is nicknamed the “Unstoppable Force”. And rightfully so because it can drive through 1-foot thick walls! The best part is, he made it street legal!

Ferrari Fun
Most supercar owners take meticulous care of their cars, garage keep it, and drive it cautiously. This guy has a different approach. He took his Ferrari FF out and let loose on a grassy hill, peeling out and just having fun with it. Hey, why not?

Fastest Cop Car
You should never attempt to outrun the police, but in the event, you’re ever in that situation…good luck. The 2020 Ford Explorer-based Interceptor is the quickest cop car on the market, according to the testing done by Michigan State Police. It’s reported the Interceptor will have a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6, is AWD, and has a 0-60 time of 5.7-seconds. The runner-up is the Dodge Charger, are you surprised by those numbers?