Uber Driver Is Unknowingly Used As Getaway Driver In Armed Robbery

Imagine being involved in an armed robbery and not even knowing it. That’s exactly what happened to Uber driver Terry Owens. He had just gotten home from work when he got a big surprise.

Owens got an unexpected visit from the Alberquerque Police after he unknowingly took part in a gas station robbery as the getaway driver. Back in February, Owens gave a ride to an Uber passenger named Austen Harris. He was a relatively new Uber driver…and very trusting.

After they stopped at a gas station in northwest Albuquerque, police said Harris robbed the place using a pair of scissors as the weapon.

“I asked him if he had taken anything in there. He’s acting kind of weird and holding a pair of scissors. He says, No, I’m just using this pair of scissors to cut strings off my jacket,” Owens said.

About an hour after Owens dropped Harris off, police were outside his house looking for answers. Once everything was sorted out, police arrested Harris.

Local news KOAT reports that the criminal complaint shows that Harris told police he was privileged and that’s why he gets into trouble. Harris pleaded guilty and was sentenced to drug rehab.

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