Trying To Scam Accident Insurance Backfires For This Guy

This guy thought it was gonna be his payday when he tried to get “hit” by a motorist while he was on his moped. Little did he know the woman in the car had a dash cam and he would soon be out of luck.

The guy doesn’t even try to hide his plan. You can see him come out from the side of the street and jog alongside his bike when he hears a car coming. He abruptly stops and then slams his bike into the front bumper of the car when it gets close. He doesn’t think that does the job though so just to be sure he gets the claim, he jumps on the hood and windshield and rolls over onto the ground. Then you see his friend come into play. This scammer has his friend (we presume) act as a “witness” and try to tell the lady he saw the whole thing. You can’t hear the conversation but you can assume that the lady then tells them that she has a dash cam as she proceeds to call the police. Because they then both take off running and the “witness” runs in the wrong direction, being called back by his friend and both heading the other way. Not the brightest bulbs in the box. For being scammers they didn’t have a very good gameplan.