Truck Drivers Blockade A Charging Station, Harass Drivers By Chanting Obscenities

A recent post to Reddit revealed a bunch of drivers and their trucks taking a toll on a charging station. In North Carolina, a group of people in modified pickup trucks allegedly blockaded a row of Tesla Superchargers and harassed drivers that attempted to use the chargers.

According to the original poster, whose screen name is Leicina, the incident occurred at a Sheetz in Hickory, North Carolina. They state that while traveling through Hickory they had used the row of Superchargers the day prior without issue. On their way back through they returned to the chargers to find the group of trucks in their way, with the trucks’ drivers wandering the parking lot and shouting profanities such as “F Tesla”.

Being asked to leave by a Sheetz employee allegedly did not work. The photo’s poster says that after the gas station’s employee made the request, they hung around for 10 minutes, and circled the lot rather than simply leaving. One allegedly swerved at other vehicles in the lot, threatening to hit them.

Who is responsible for preventing situations like these? Tesla, the charging equipment company, the gas station?

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