Transforming Our Fastback Mustang Undercarriage with New Suspension & EBC Brakes: Step 2

Let’s face it, as much as we want to acknowledge that older cars rule and newer cars drool, it’s hard to deny that technology has improved dramatically since this Fastback was brought into existence. What’s better than combining classic looks with modern performance? In the car building world, not much compares. Adding a new front and rear suspension to our EBC Fastback Mustang was a must for us to give it that modern performance edge.

To ensure the Mustang was up to the challenge, Detroit Muscle chose to equip it with a top-of-the-line Detroit Speed front and rear suspension from Summit Racing. By adding the new suspension, it modernizes and corrects issues that affected this model Mustang. The front suspension is made up of a unique cast aluminum cradle and mounting components, tubular upper and lower control arms, and Detroit Tuned rack and pinion steering.

Despite taking hundreds of hours to complete behind the scenes, this Mustang will drive better, handle better, and most importantly, it will transform the experience behind the wheel and give it a competitive edge over the most advanced modern vehicles. This is important with the upgraded powerhouse that’s coming next.

If you didn’t think it could get any better, Detroit Muscle fitted the Fastback Mustang with some state-of-the-art EBC Brakes. These six-piston front and four-piston rear brakes are 14″ in diameter and are drilled and slotted. The two-piece fully-floating ultra-high-performance brake kit complements this unique build and will stop any amount of power thrown its way with ease.

While the to-do list on this Mustang will make anyone dizzy, it has been a remarkable journey they’ve thoroughly enjoyed. As exciting as the work has been thus far, the following steps will wake the car up and transform it into the classic meets modern masterpiece Detroit Muscle intended. We can’t wait to drop in the supercharged Coyote, overhaul the interior, and make that pretty red paint pop, and show the result.

Make sure not to miss a moment of the action and follow along with all of the updates!

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