Train vs FedEx Truck

This is terrible!

This happened earlier in the year back in January in North Salt Lake, Utah. The video first starts off with dash cam footage of a vehicle driving out on the snowy streets behind a FedEx truck. Eventually the vehicle with the dash cam gets to a railway crossing and stops, probably because the driver sees the oncoming train. The FedEx truck in front of this driver manages to drive over the tracks without incident but driving the other way, is another FedEx truck that suddenly gets OBLITERATED by an oncoming train!!!

News reports said that the railway crossing gates and lights were not working properly at the time. Apparently the gates and lights were affected by the extreme temperatures and heavy snow. Miraculously the train managed to only crash into the trailer portion of the truck and not the actual cab itself. The FedEx trailer was completely destroyed though as you can tell. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured in this accident but still, it’s pretty crazy!! This is just another example of how extreme weather can cause significant driving hazards out there on the road.

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